Posture Prep Cross Fiber Groomer

My trainer got this Posture Prep Cross Fiber Groomer for Duke recently. It’s like a curry comb with long flexible rubber nubs and a whole booklet of information on how to use it.

The idea is that it massages the tissues under the skin and loosens up the fascia (the connective tissue under the skin). It is also supposed to relax the muscles and improve blood circulation.

One of the interesting things about it is that you use it from the back of the horse toward the front. The idea here is that it starts warming the horse up from the hind, which is where you want the power in their gait to come from.

So far, I’ve used it on Duke a few times and he LOVES it.

Lip twitches. I love how he looks like he is smiling.

He particularly loves it on his shoulders and parts of his back. Interestingly, he’s liked it on his shoulders every time, but on different, very specific areas of his back each time. He doesn’t love it on his hind yet, but I imagine that’s because he is tighter there. He did lick and chew when I used it on his hocks the other night.

I am enjoying using this tool because it’s giving me interesting insight into Duke’s body and how he feels physically. When he’s happy or enjoying it, he stretches his neck out and twitches his lips, or lowers his head to lick and chew. If he’s not liking a particular spot, he moves away or flinches. Then I know to light up the pressure and be gentle on that area.

Thats the spot.

I don’t know if it’s making a huge difference in his way of going, especially since it’s not the only difference in his routine lately. But I do know that we’re doing something right because he’s been going great this week! It is a lot easier to get him to rock back and push from behind, coming through to the bridle. And I know we’ll certainly be keeping this handy tool in my grooming box!

8 thoughts on “Posture Prep Cross Fiber Groomer

  1. Ooh I may have to get one for Frankie! Big guy luuurves himself some groomies, and I love the idea of it being able to help loosen his body- and hey, even if it doesn’t work miracles, Frankie is still happy!

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  2. This looks really interesting. I do a lot of stretches with my mare Giselle and have done a one on one on myofacia massage workshop, which I try to do regularly. I’d love to try this out! Where can I order one??!


      1. Great, thank you! I’ll have a look later 🙂 Yes, the workshop was brilliant. I organised it with nueromuscular therapist. She did practical sessions with us all with our own horses to identify their problem areas. She then showed us exercises and stretches we could do to help relieve and improve the issues. I loved it… Had I known at an earlier age that you could do things like that with horses I’d probably have chosen a different career path!

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  3. Interesting! i may try this. Biasini is not a big fan of being curried. The only time he likes a rounded nubby curry is jut after has had a body clip and I think he is itchy.


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