Help! Trainer Gifts

I think I’m safe writing this because I’m pretty sure my trainer doesn’t read my blog. (Not because she’s not supportive.)

Anyway. I have finished my Christmas shopping…except for Trainer B. I have no idea what to get her. 

I mean. I would love to get her a trailer camera such as the one Amanda at The $900 Facebook Pony recommends but my budget is approximately 1/10th of that.

I’ve pretty much thought of socks or a book. Neither seems quite right. Maybe both? But which book?! A belt? 
So…help me. Please.

18 thoughts on “Help! Trainer Gifts

  1. I got mine a pinney holder in her colors, which wasn’t super cheap but was still under $50 on sale. A friend of mine makes cool long sleeve tech shirts with whatever you want on the chest and sleeve, so like you could get her barn logo (if she has one) on the chest and a horse’s name or her barn name on the sleeve, in her barn colors. Those are $25 I think. Or a custom sunshirt is around $50ish from It’s a Haggerty’s. Or gloves… I feel like trainers ALWAYS like gloves.

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    1. Gloves are a good idea! She’s sponsored by Devoucoux so she typically wears their pinney holders. And we have customized ALL THE THINGS with logos haha. Sunshirts, sweatshirts, jackets, vests, hats, sweaters, even belts. We like to coordinate lol.


  2. Second the gloves idea! My neighbor, who is a dressage trainer, ALWAYS needs more gloves. She also always needs more wire cutters; hay out here is baled with wire and she can never find a pair of cutters when she needs them.

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  3. Does she have audible? You can do a gift membership if she doesnt have it? Also book of the month has some gift ideas if she likes to read. I often think trainers don’t pamper themselves so maybe a spa trip? Or make your own spa basket with lots of bath salts etc. just a thought but I feel those poor trainers are always out in the weather and having to be on their feet alot.

    Another thing would be an open in emergency open care package, with wine/chocolates, maybe fuzzy slippers or socks and a fleece throw?? just ideas….I am not really good at this stuff LOL!

    AND omg I have only gotten one present done. Blogger exchange that is it. I am just procrastinating over here in the corner….mmkay? 🙂 Good for you for being so close to being done!!


  4. really nice leather cleaner, if she cleans her own tack. Something that smells nice and works well can make a regular chore a bit more enjoyable.

    If you live near a costco, and she doesn’t have a membership, that can make a great gift too.


  5. My trainer isn’t big on actual gifts, but I’ve done an embroidered zipper pouch in barn colors, framed photos with a nice thank you card and donations to animal shelters in the farm’s name.


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