Pony Pity Party

I haven’t seen a horse since March 11th and I’m feeling a little self-pity.

*This is all obviously tempered by the fact that my family and I are healthy and that’s the most important thing.*

I haven’t kissed a nose. I haven’t smelled sweet hay breath or gotten tickled by whiskers or fed a treat.

I haven’t patted a neck or curried a shoulder.

I haven’t hacked out or 20m circled or jumped.

I just miss it a whole lot. Hug your ponies extra for me.

7 thoughts on “Pony Pity Party

  1. Who thought when all this started that we would STILL be dealing with it? I can’t imagine not seeing my horse this entire time. Thinking of you right now and hope you get to get back out there soon

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  2. I can identify with you! I have not been on my horse for two months now. But last week I did get to see him ridden by my coach but I did not get close to him. Today I also watched him being ridden and I gave him tow sugar lumps before the ride started and at the end. It was wonderful to feel that soft nose wiffle the sugar cubes out of my hand. We are hoping that our provincial Premier may allow a bit less restrictions tomorrow. If he says the gold courses can open then barns can as well . But there will still be restrictions about going into the barn. However I will be able to RIDE!! So my fingers are crossed. I hope you will get to see your dear horse soon.


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