Moving on, with a Twinkle in My Eye

Autumn is a time of transition, and for me it is no different. Twinkle and I have competed together in our last show as a team, and we’re parting ways. This was always the plan: Ride and compete with Twinkle for a year, then go on to riding Drifter full time. It’s bittersweet all the … More Moving on, with a Twinkle in My Eye

Who Can Ride My Horse? – Hellomylivia Blog Hop

I tried to title this post: “Who Can Ride My Horse? Blog Hop – Can I Ride Your Horse? Edition.” But that is hella long and also looks really awkward with all that funky grammar. Anyway. Olivia over at Hellomylivia started an informal blog hop about how she decides who can ride her horse. It’s … More Who Can Ride My Horse? – Hellomylivia Blog Hop

10 Questions for November

How old is the youngest/greenest horse you’ve ridden? Four years old. That was hold old Drifter was when I started riding him. He had been started then turned out to pasture for a year-ish before I took over the ride. How old is the oldest horse you’ve ridden? Gosh, I think the horse I started … More 10 Questions for November

Drifter’s Diary: 2 Years Together

It has been two years since I started working with a wiggly, distracted baby named Drifter. And almost exactly two years to the day since he weighed in for the first time. He hasn’t said too much lately. I’ll have to talk to him about that. September 2014 | Age 4 Height: 15.2 hh at … More Drifter’s Diary: 2 Years Together

That Time I Jumped Drifter (Again)

Oh my gosh, guys. In my most recent lesson on Drifter, we jumped for real! Not just cavalettis or even a single small jump; they were real, honest jumps! It was nice enough to ride outside, so our trainer, Leanne, wanted to have us experiment with going over the colorful, “spookier” jumps set up out … More That Time I Jumped Drifter (Again)

Breed Profile: Foundation Quarter Horse

There’s something about me that you may have picked up on if you read this blog regularly: I’m big into research and planning. It’s why I do things like start thinking over the perfect items to fill a horse show cooler during the month of January, make braid-string budgets and plan goals a year or … More Breed Profile: Foundation Quarter Horse

Drifter’s Diary: October 2015

We are at a beginning, Drifter and I. It’s really more of a middle; after all, we’ve been working together for a year now. But this is the start of our partnership, I think. It’s certainly a new beginning in that my attention is now solely focused on him. It feels like a beginning because … More Drifter’s Diary: October 2015

Braid-String Budget: 2nd Edition

Nearly two months ago I began a new venture, which I am bitterly fondly calling “The Braid-String Budget.” So far, I’ve been doing a pretty good job of sticking to it, though the last couple of weeks have been more challenging, what with travel and a horse show. I am extremely proud to say, in … More Braid-String Budget: 2nd Edition

Why I’m Banishing the Words “I Don’t Know” from My Vocabulary

Not too long ago I read an article about how women tend use qualifying words like “just” to pacify those around them. In a work setting, it could be used like this: “I’m just checking to see when you might have that project completed.” Just. It softens things. Makes you less demanding. Less “bossy.” Since … More Why I’m Banishing the Words “I Don’t Know” from My Vocabulary