2018 Top Nine

Merry Christmas! I thought it would be fun to use my Instagram Top Nine as an inspiration for this post.

What a super encapsulation of my year. Much of it was focused on getting married. A lot of it centered around Duke. And there was a dash of the ridiculous just to keep things interesting.

I am particularly happy to see this post again:

And I found it interesting to see this minty image was one of my top posts of the year. I love it, because it’s such a great representation of Duke’s whole outlook on life. Which is just “more food.”

And, lest we ever forget the “canter into doom” distance:

Just for funsies, I went scrolling through the last year on Instagram. So many great memories! Here are some of my other favorite random Instagram posts from the year.

When Duke had the sweetest friendship with Underfoot the cat:

The beginning of a beautiful partnership:

One of many times Duke was determined to make friends with wildlife:

Standing up snugs:

Laying down snugs:

What a wonderful year it has been. 2019 is going to have some pretty big shoes to fill.

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