Roundup: Favorite Articles Showcasing Olympians

Obviously, the Olympics are going on. I’ve been keeping the Eventing live stream on at work on my second screen (shhh, don’t tell!). The biggest challenge? Staying quiet when exciting things happen LIKE PHILLIP AND HAPPY WINNING BRONZE. Other than the endless videos and coverage of the actual events, I love reading more in-depth pieces… More Roundup: Favorite Articles Showcasing Olympians

Rhythm & Clarity

Since our last show, life has been a whirlwind. I have traveled by plane, I have traveled by car, I have gone camping, I have been to a wedding, I have moved to a new place (but still in the same city). I have done all this while also keeping up with my full time job… More Rhythm & Clarity

New Goal: Ride at HITS Balmoral Park

When I read the initial report back in May that Chicago’s Balmoral Park was purchased by HITS, I was giddy. Living in Southeastern Wisconsin has its benefits, sure; but it has its limitations in terms of international-level jumping opportunities. No more! The park will be renovated into a world-class hunter/jumper venue, with its first shows beginning… More New Goal: Ride at HITS Balmoral Park