In my last lesson, I jumped Artie. He’s super fun! He has that awesome “yes ma’am” attitude. As Trainer B put the jumps up she said it would be quite a bit higher than Artie is used to. I think that put it into my subconscious that we would be jumping “high.” And Artie was awesome! … More Perspective


The local tack store had a big sale this weekend for Valentine’s Day and I went to get a new pair of winter gloves because they were 50% off and my old ones are literally torn and very sad. I also needed some oil and supplies for my new saddle and Lund flash bridle (review to … More Oops…

Three Humble, Extraordinary Paint Horses

There’s something about me and paint horses. Specifically, bay-and-white geldings. Three very special ones have entered my life over the past twelve years, each at a time when they were needed. Moses, my (broken) heart horse I got Moses about 12 years ago. He was five and had little training other than walk/trot/canter/stop/turn. He had a … More Three Humble, Extraordinary Paint Horses


I am a secret badass. It’s true. People do not look at me and think, dang, that girl is a badass. Probably they think the exact opposite. In fact, I once casually mentioned to a friend that I’m kind of a badass, and he laughed like, okay Lisa whatever you want to tell yourself. And I was like, … More #Badassitude

Delayed Onset Anxiety

So I fell off last week. It was fairly dramatic, yet also anti-climactic, and I wasn’t hurt. I was riding Prada, who, despite having already experienced several unplanned dismounts from, I still quite like riding. She’s fun and fancy when I stay on. Anyway. It was my first real jumping lesson after a long break from … More Delayed Onset Anxiety


I am declaring a restart of 2017. I made it, oh, less than a week into the new year and then things really started falling apart. It was too cold to ride so I hadn’t ridden since before Christmas (and still haven’t, wahh). I managed to do some healthy meal planning and got my goal tracking … More Reset