XC Schooling Evening

I took Duke cross country schooling on Friday night. It was hot. Like. 98 degrees and probably 90% humidity. Everyone including Trainer B considered not going for like 1 second and then we rationalized that we should practice going in the heat anyway. It’ll probably be similar weather at each of our next few shows.Β Also, … More XC Schooling Evening

A New Woman

I got married! So, while technically I’m not a ‘new’ woman – still the same crazy horse girl over here – I do have a new name and a new husband. Pretty freaking great. The day was perfect. Everything came together beautifully and we were surrounded by family and friends. We said our vows, ate … More A New Woman

Still Here.

Oh, hey there. I’m still here. Still riding. Still wedding planning. Still working. There’s so. much. going. on. All good though. Because my brain is too full, here’s just a list of unrelated things that are happening. Duke is amazing (per usual) Seriously. I learned a new trick in lessons. Actually it’s just good riding … More Still Here.

One of the Greats

The man who first taught me to ride passed away yesterday. Dan Ramberg was truly one of the greats. His accolades were many – from being named the Minnesota Horse Council’s Horseperson of the Year, to his nationally-recognized Roman riding show in the 1950s. You can watch some clips of that here: To me, I … More One of the Greats

Mental Health Day

Do you guys ever get to the barn and just feel like you need a mental health day? Typically on Thursdays I’m able to get to the barn around 4 or so. For various reasons, last night I couldn’t get there until slightly after 6. Which isn’t terrible, but there were also lessons going on … More Mental Health Day