And We’re Back!

It’s official, folks, I’m back in the saddle. The Chief and I had a lovely little ride last night. No pressure, just getting my sea legs back with some simple walk/trot/canter with circles and serpentines. We finished up with a stroll around the field and it was perfection. It felt like a homecoming. x x … More And We’re Back!

Pony Pity Party

I haven’t seen a horse since March 11th and I’m feeling a little self-pity. *This is all obviously tempered by the fact that my family and I are healthy and that’s the most important thing.* I haven’t kissed a nose. I haven’t smelled sweet hay breath or gotten tickled by whiskers or fed a treat. … More Pony Pity Party


Right before the world went to crap changed dramatically due to the pandemic, we were lucky enough to go on a long-planned vacation to Maui with my whole family. We were still going into the office for work the day before we left. Strange to think about now! Literally, the world changed around us while … More Aloha