Meet Duke (Again)

This year, I get to half lease Duke! I introduced him last spring and even won a Starter CT on him after riding him, like maybe 5 times. (I know, I know, a huge accomplishment!) I had planned to compete him through the summer, but he got a nasty abscess that turned into a hole … More Meet Duke (Again)

Winter Outfitting

I live in Wisconsin. It’s cold here for a long, long time. Typically from late-October to late-April (or more realistically, early May) it is real chilly. These last two weeks have been positively Arctic. But, we go on. Because we wear all the clothes when we ride. All of them. Here’s what a typical winter … More Winter Outfitting

2018 Goals

And now that it’s 2018, here’s my new list of goals for the year! Like last year, I’m writing these down to keep myself on track and remember them throughout the year. If I don’t complete something, oh well. I won’t beat myself up over it. They’re more like guidelines than resolutions, but they give … More 2018 Goals

2017 Goals Review

I can’t believe it’s the last day of 2017! What a year. I made a lot of resolutions, and tracking them every few months helped me a lot. Here’s the final review of my goals for this year. RIDING Weekly lessons; average two dressage and two jumping per month. Half complete. I did stick with weekly … More 2017 Goals Review

Review: Kerrits Winter Cargo Full Seat Breeches

I love my Kerrits Powerstretch Winter Breeches. Like, LOVE them. They’re so comfy. They always fit and flatter. I literally have worn them for winter non-riding activities like hiking, cross-country skiing, and hunting. Sometimes I even think about just lounging around the house in them. But, alas, they are the knee patch version. And since … More Review: Kerrits Winter Cargo Full Seat Breeches