Vacation by the Numbers

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen some photos of pretty awesome landscapes in Colorado and Utah last week. It was fairly epic. States visited: 2 Miles driven: 1,300 Miles hiked: 50 Elevation gained on foot: 6,730 feet Highest point of elevation: 12,095 feet at Independence Pass Outdoor weddings attended during a thunderstorm: … More Vacation by the Numbers

Back to Dressage-ing

Whoo-ee, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything. My black eye has faded, and I have since been on a heckuva fun trip that’ll get its own post later this week. Nothing like returning home from vacation with one week to spare before your first recognized horse trials. I had a dressage lesson … More Back to Dressage-ing


I haven’t written in awhile, mostly because I didn’t really feel like it and didn’t have much to say. BUT. As of August 1, I am a half-leaser! So now I get to ride a lot more and I’m loving it! The original plan, you may remember, was for me to half-lease Duke in August … More Flexible

Comparing Air Vests

Ever since my first CT back in May, I’ve been contemplating an air vest. One of my team members took a nasty fall and ended up with broken bones in her spine, ribs, wrist/hands, shoulderblade and collarbone. She was not wearing her air vest. She was running Beginner Novice. It was just a freak thing. … More Comparing Air Vests