Blogger Secret Santa

I love the tradition of the blogger gift exchange! I mailed out my gift this week, so…watch your mailboxes!  I received a wonderful gift this year from Amy and Gwen. It was an adorable Christmas ornament that looks just like Duke. It’s sort of uncanny. It was especially sweet because I love having ornaments that … More Blogger Secret Santa

Horsey Christmas List

Ya’ll know that song, “My Grownup Christmas Wish” by Amy Grant? The chorus goes: So here’s my lifelong wish,My grownup Christmas list,Not for myself, But for a world in need. It’s been sort of running through my head lately but with sliiiiiightly different words.  So here’s my lifelong wish,My horsey Christmas list,Not for myself,But for a … More Horsey Christmas List

Help! Trainer Gifts

I think I’m safe writing this because I’m pretty sure my trainer doesn’t read my blog. (Not because she’s not supportive.) Anyway. I have finished my Christmas shopping…except for Trainer B. I have no idea what to get her.  I mean. I would love to get her a trailer camera such as the one Amanda … More Help! Trainer Gifts