It’s Official: Show Season is Over

The year-end schooling show at Crossroads is in the middle of October, which also happens to be the same weekend as a family function located nearly 6 hours away. All summer I’ve been holding out, saying that maybe I would be going to the show, because I really didn’t want to miss it.

But. I finally decided that I should suck it up and admit that I’m going to the family event and not the show. The show season is officially over for me. And now all that’s left is a long, cold winter.

I’m being dramatic. It’s going to be a beautiful fall, I’m having a great time learning from Mr. K, and I know we have a lot to work on over the winter to get ready for the shows next year. We’re planning on competing in jumpers along with some bigger shows next year, plus we’re bumping up a division. That means that Husky and I have to get our flying lead changes down pat over the winter.

Still, I’m sad to finally close the book on this summer. It was such a great one. To celebrate, here are some of my favorite photos from the summer:

I can’t wait until next year.

2 thoughts on “It’s Official: Show Season is Over

  1. Lisa, it actually makes me kind of sad to think that this wonderful summer is over, too. It’s been marvelous watching you ride, especially since you are having so much fun doing it. You’re a “lovely rider”, in the words of your old instructor, Kim Hiller – she just repeated that the other day. You are a lovely rider, indeed. And a lovely writer, too! God has given you many gifts, and we’re glad you’re sharing them with us.


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