Review: RWR No Knot Hair Net, a.k.a. The Best Thing Ever

I’ve mentioned before that I have a ridiculous amount of hair, which makes it impossible to get all of it into my helmet. This also means that flimsy drugstore hair nets do absolutely nothing for me, and don’t get me started on bobby pins.

Combined, this can make show day a bit…uncomfortable. Think bobby pins poking into your scalp and wild hair flying loose from your hairnet. It’s a hot mess, basically.

I also have bangs and face-framing locks that don’t quite fit back into a ponytail/bun. That means that a more heavy-duty hairnet that clips in – you know, the ones with the bows on top? – they just don’t cut it. And that bow…well, with the amount of hair I have, it just gets in the way and pushes my whole helmet up the back of my head.

Enter the RWR No Knot Hair Net, a.k.a. the most brilliant equestrian accessory every invented. There are no hair binders, bobby pins, clips or hairspray. It looks fab. It’s durable. It stays put in the ring. It’s comfortable. Still not convinced? It only takes 30 seconds to put on.

Like I said, it’s the most brilliant equestrian accessory every invented.

Here’s how it works:

1. Start with your hair down and loose.

2. Pull the hair net over your head so it’s around your neck.

3. Position the elastic band around your head like a headband and stretch the net out behind your head.

4. Stuff your hair down into the net in a generally bun-shaped wad.

5. Pull the net up so the excess is on top of your head, and put your helmet on over the top. Ta da!

These are so great that I actually will ride in them for practice rides and lessons, just so my hair doesn’t sit on my back or stick to me. Bonus, they’re only about $10 each. So worth it.

Want one? (Yes, you do!) Order a RWR No Knot Hair Net online, or find them at most tack stores.
What’s your favorite equestrian accessory?

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