Back on Track Trauma Void Helmet Review

I was super intrigued by the new Back on Track Trauma Void EQ3 helmet. The MIPS technology helps prevent concussions resulting from a fall, and I’m all about tech that’ll keep me safe. So after hemming and hawing for a couple weeks, I ordered one.

Review: Back on Track Trauma Void EQ3 Helmet
Size: 59 cm; 7 1/4 in
Color: Black microfiber
Order from: Various retailers, I got mine from my favorite tack shop in my hometown
Price: $249; on sale for $200
Star rating: I actually can’t give it a rating.

Positives: It’s a lovely helmet. The microfiber one has subtly sparkly piping, which was nice and not overdone. It felt really sturdy. Super adjustable straps.

Negatives: It didn’t fit my head. It didn’t really feel like I could push it far enough down on my head, almost like it was just too shallow for my comfort. I do have a large head, so it might just be my anatomy. It didn’t stay on when I flipped upside down.

Back on Track has the best customer service. I wrote to them about the fit issue and they said the helmets were supposed to come with a thin liner and a thick liner. Mine only came with a thin one, so they sent me a thick one. It arrived quickly, within a few days. Unfortunately it just didn’t help with the fit; it actually made it worse so the helmet didn’t feel like it could fit on my head. I do have a more oval-shaped head, and I suspect this helmet might fit rounder shapes better.

So, unfortunately, the helmet is going back. I really wanted the technology to protect my noggin, but if it doesn’t fit properly, all the technology in the world isn’t going to work. I’m disappointed but not in the product itself – it seems like a well constructed, aesthetically pleasing helmet, and I liked that you could clearly see the slip plane technology under the liner. The customer service was top notch. It just wasn’t the right fit for me.

UPDATE: To give a better idea of what does fit me. I tried on a friend’s OneK and the fit was excellent and very comfortable. I’ve also had an IRH, and most recently I’ve been schooling in an Ovation.

*Note: I purchased this helmet and received no compensation whatsoever. These opinions are solely mine.

9 thoughts on “Back on Track Trauma Void Helmet Review

  1. Thanks for reviewing this one! I will probably hold off on it… One of the things I love about my OneK is how deep it is. Even compared to my samshield, I felt like it really protects the very back of my head too. Hopefully, the technology will be available in more styles soon!

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  2. Another vote for OneK!! I love the comfort of it and i have a big head too (hee hee) and it is roomy!! Sorry this didn’t work out, I think it would not work out for me either then. But at least you had a great customer service experience!!

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