Toit Nups

Credit: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Yes, it’s been nearly six months. And, yes, I’m finally going to tell you all about it and share some of my favorite photos.

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen some of the ones with Duke. A few months after the wedding, Husband and I put our wedding clothes back on and went to the barn, where our amazing photographer took photos with us and Duke. So fun! And I’m obsessed with the photos.

So get ready because the rest of this post is just a lot of photos. (Actually, if you can believe it, these are a severely cut list of my favorite photos!) All the credit goes to Lauren Rae Photography (and here’s the obligatory note – please don’t take these photos and use them without permission!).

The Wedding Day

The wedding day itself was perfect. The weather: A weird gray drizzly day in June. The venue: Awesome converted warehouse space. The people: Our closest friends and family. 

The Horse + Wedding Photos

16 thoughts on “Toit Nups

  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful day. My daughter got married in august and it as such a happy day. Your dress was beautiful ! Husband looks like a handsome and nice man and the two of you look so happy together. Congratulations and best wishes for good health and many happy years together.


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