Workin’ it Out

In January, I embarked on a new plan to exercise regularly. The goal is to do at least 30 minutes daily, but I try not to beat myself up about it too much if I miss a day here and there. Overall, I’m really proud of myself! Since I’m not riding as much, I knew … More Workin’ it Out

Limbo, Schmimbo

I hate writing “hi everyone, it’s been quiet over here for awhile but now I’m back” posts. But that’s basically what this is. I’ve been wanting to get back to writing here for awhile but have been unsure how to start. So I’m just going to start. A lot has happened since I last wrote. … More Limbo, Schmimbo

Blogger Secret Santa

I love the tradition of the blogger gift exchange! I mailed out my gift this week, so…watch your mailboxes!  I received a wonderful gift this year from Amy and Gwen. It was an adorable Christmas ornament that looks just like Duke. It’s sort of uncanny. It was especially sweet because I love having ornaments that … More Blogger Secret Santa

Horsey Christmas List

Ya’ll know that song, “My Grownup Christmas Wish” by Amy Grant? The chorus goes: So here’s my lifelong wish,My grownup Christmas list,Not for myself, But for a world in need. It’s been sort of running through my head lately but with sliiiiiightly different words.  So here’s my lifelong wish,My horsey Christmas list,Not for myself,But for a … More Horsey Christmas List

Help! Trainer Gifts

I think I’m safe writing this because I’m pretty sure my trainer doesn’t read my blog. (Not because she’s not supportive.) Anyway. I have finished my Christmas shopping…except for Trainer B. I have no idea what to get her.  I mean. I would love to get her a trailer camera such as the one Amanda … More Help! Trainer Gifts

I Did a Thing

Something must be in the air. Duke got a haircut this week, but so did I. Well, technically I did this a few weeks ago, but I’m still getting used to it. I chopped off eight inches of hair.  Overall, I love it and I’m happy. It’s easier to do before work and it feels a … More I Did a Thing