Review: SheFit Sports Bra

Has anyone else been getting a ton of Facebook/online ads for SheFit sports bras? I have, and let me tell you – they worked on me. I bought one. 

(I purchased this with my own money, and have not been compensated in any way to write this honest review. Everything here is my own opinion.)

It is an ongoing struggle for me to find a good, supportive, comfortable sports bra that I can ride in and also wear all day long without it causing rubs or pinching. It’s a curse. Either it’s comfortable and not supportive enough, or it has enough support but I can’t breathe/expand my ribcage.

So what caught SheFit sports bra is that it’s super adjustable. Both the strap around the ribcage and the over-the-shoulder straps are fully adjustable. 

Courtesy of SheFit

Plus they had horse girls in their advertising. So, props to your marketing team, SheFit, because that is what really got me. An actual horse woman talking about wearing the sports bra for horseback riding. 

So, they’re pricey. I waited until Black Friday, and nabbed one for about $35 instead of $65. Absolutely, 100% worth it at that price. Even more. I still balk at the full price, but this is a solid piece of useful apparel.

This was the only color on sale in my size. Not my fave but it’s actually pretty fun in person. Image courtesy of SheFit.

I like how I can tighten or loosen the ribcage strap to customize the fit. And adjusting the shoulder straps is so easy. It makes a huge difference to how comfortable and supportive it is. Plus, all the straps are nice and wide, which I like.

I can definitely imagine wearing this all day – or even all weekend – at a horse show, from dressage to cross country to mucking stalls to inevitably carrying heavy stuff to and from the trailer. It’s great. I absolutely recommend it. Now I just need a more neutral color to go under my white show shirts…

14 thoughts on “Review: SheFit Sports Bra

  1. Ugh…. now I want one. It would definitely have to be a neutral one because, if there is one place where I am DETERMINED to have things locked, loaded, and under control, it’s in the show ring (or at a clinic) where I am likely wearing white.


  2. This is the bra that’s frequently recommended in my riding groups. It also comes in sizes large enough for the fluffier riders, which I can appreciate. I haven’t bought one yet myself, but I’m leaning more and more in that direction.


      1. Interesting…Just looked at the website. That could work. But all of the pictures of it that way make it look like it would be off kilter. But the model is also standing weirdly.


      2. Might be worth a shot to try it out! They have a good return policy. And so far everything I’ve experienced with them tells me that they’ve thought through making a quality, comfortable bra that works for women of all shapes, sizes and needs. So I can only assume that if they say it can be worn as an H-back, then it will indeed work that way!

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  3. Oh love this review – I’m forever looking for a good sports bra that is supportive but doesn’t dig in or make me feel like I can’t breathe! Definitely going to check it out.


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