In Which Everyone’s Hearts Stopped for a Sec

I had a jumping┬álesson with Duke on Thursday night, our last one before the show on Sunday. It was…um, varied. Short version: I stayed on through a hairy moment, and made huge improvements in my riding. Long version follows. So we weren’t messing around with jumps that night. Everything pretty much went right up to … More In Which Everyone’s Hearts Stopped for a Sec

Do Less

I had a lesson on Stryder recently while his leaser, who usually rides in my lesson, was on vacation. (Lucky duck!) It turned out to be an enlightening lesson. I mean, they all are, but this one especially. I have become used to horses that require a more active ride, which means I don’t have … More Do Less

The Amazing Maisie

You are required to read the title of this post with this type of inflection: The a-MAAAAYYYY-zing MAY-sie. It’s just how it’s done. Who is The Amazing Masie? She is my trainer’s horse. She’s a grey Dutch Thoroughbred mare and she’s so adorable and fancy. A few weeks ago, I got a text from Trainer … More The Amazing Maisie