The Woes of Saddle Searching

My saddle was the first large purchase I made on my own as a teenager. I’ve had it for about 10 years now. And let me tell you, I love this saddle. It’s an 18″ Kieffer Aachen All-Purpose saddle, and it’s so comfortable. Not in a squishy seat, I-could-sit-in-this-all-day kind of way – no, the seat is fairly hard. But it’s comfortable in a balanced, fits-me-and-my-long-legs kind of way.

Kieffer Aachen

Now, this saddle has been an excellent all-around saddle on nearly every horse I’ve ridden since I got it. It’s a pretty average fit that has worked fine on a lot of horses. But the sad day has come. My beloved saddle doesn’t fit Drifter. It pinches his shoulders and the pommel hits his withers. Sigh.

So you know what that means. *Foreboding music* It’s time to go saddle shopping.

Well, almost time. I have to sell my Kieffer first. (Anyone interested?!)

Saddle shopping is such a pain. In what other sport do you have to find equipment that fits an animal and a human? Anyway, it should be interesting. I have a couple of features that are pretty important for my next saddle: Narrow twist, wide channel, and both knee and thigh blocks. Oh, and within budget.

What are your favorite low- to mid-budget saddles, or tips for finding a new saddle?

7 thoughts on “The Woes of Saddle Searching

  1. I am the worst for buying saddles sight unseen online. And it has yet to work out for me. A friend of mine just purchased a used demo saddle from a rep and got a smokin deal.


  2. Hello!
    I wanted to find out about the saddle on the site with it for sale or not?
    And how much does it cost?


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