27 Things for 27 Years

It’s my birthday! Which means it’s time to think back on my life so far and come up with a list of pretty cool things I’ve done – one thing for each year of my life so far.

In the past 27 years, I have…

  1. Galloped flat out, hitting 43 mph.
  2. Ridden a pony.
  3. Ridden a camel.
  4. Ridden a donkey.
  5. Tried barrel racing.
  6. Accepted that I was bad at barrel racing.
  7. Jumped cross country.
  8. Ridden up and down the mountains in the Black Hills.
  9. Picked an uncountable number of hooves.

    Hooves on hooves on hooves.
    Hooves on hooves on hooves.
  10. Successfully rehabbed a horse after laminitis.
  11. Treated abscesses.
  12. Taught a horse to accept the clippers by their face.
  13. Ridden with a bozell bridle.
  14. Fallen in love with the sound of grazing horses in the summer.
  15. Pulled a trailer.
  16. Driven a mini.
  17. Helped at a combined driving event.
  18. Attended a Grand Prix.

    Cian O’Connor being a boss.
  19. Interviewed Margie Engle, Cian O’Connor and Andre Thieme at a press conference.
  20. Became starstruck at said press conference.
  21. Got really fast at hunter braids.
  22. Got really good at getting stains out of white horses.
  23. Went on many trail rides with my mom.
  24. “Shared” a horse with my dad. (Thanks, Dad and Mom.)
  25. Learned to post the trot (with and without stirrups).
  26. Made my first large purchase: a saddle.
  27. Made lifelong barn friendships.

10682330_840222462696513_568659484545436915_oCheers to 27 being a great year!

See the first list: 26 Things for 26 Years.

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