Review: The Herbal Horse Shampoo & Coat Conditioner

The Herbal Horse

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Well, I’m obsessed. I’ve found my new favorite shampoo. It’s from The Herbal Horse, and it’s fabulous. This journey began as so many do, when I was reading. This time it was about caring for horse coats, manes and tails. I realized that my usual shampoo and conditioner, Mane ‘n Tail, wasn’t cutting it. Yes, it smells nice and makes Drifter’s coat shiny, but it also has a lot of chemicals in it. Rather than helping his skin, coat and hair all become healthier, I was inadvertently stripping him of natural oils, which drys out the hair.


Then I remembered The Herbal Horse. I had ordered some products as Christmas gifts for my trainer and barn friends a couple of years ago. So I went back and found it again. I ordered the Shampoo with Aloe Vera in Spearmint Lemongrass, and the Shine Bright Coat Conditioning Spray.

They arrived pretty quickly. It took about a week, which was great, because the owner of The Herbal Horse makes everything by hand. The packaging inside is very cute, including a handwritten note and some organic lollipops. The owner also included a small sample of the Be Calm salve, which is really nice! I won’t need it for Drifter – if he gets any calmer, he’ll be asleep – but I may give it to a friend with a hotter horse.

The Herbal Horse Packaging

I finally got the chance to use them this weekend. Would they match up to my high expectations?

Review: The Herbal Horse Shampoo with Aloe Vera
Order from: The Herbal Horse
Scent: Spearmint Lemongrass
Price: $9 for an 8-oz. bottle
Star rating: 5 out of 5

This shampoo is awesome. It’s organic, smells great, and does a fantastic job. It gets nice and sudsy. It rinses out cleanly. It has spearmint and lemongrass essential oils, which help repel bugs naturally. I love it. I can’t recommend it enough. The worst part? Now I have to decide which scent/essential oil combination to try next!

Review: Shine Bright Coat Conditioning Spray
Order from: The Herbal Horse
Scent: n/a
Price: $11 for a 16-oz. bottle; $22 for a 32-oz. bottle
Star rating: 5 out of 5

This stuff rocks. I’ve been wanting a natural coat conditioner/shine spray for show days and general care of Drifter’s mane, tail and coat. This stuff smells nice and light. I used it on him while wet after his bath. The spray bottle took a little getting used to; it comes out in a very fine mist that was a little hard to direct at first, but I figured it out in short order. I also sprayed this liberally in his mane and tail. I have never been able to brush out a tail so easily and quickly with virtually no hair breakage. I’ll go so far as to say this stuff is a miracle solution. It is free of petroleum, sulphates and mineral oil byproducts that are present in so many products. And it works.

You know, I think I’ll just let these photos do the rest of the talking. Just, excuse Drifter’s bad posture…he wasn’t feeling a photoshoot yesterday!

Before Herbal Horse Bath
Before the bath: Dull and dusty coat.
After Herbal Horse Bath
After: So shiny and silky #nofilter

Yep; both products far exceeded my expectations and I’m now a loyal Herbal Horse customer. In fact, I just ordered a 4-oz. size of the Healthy Hair salve. Drifter’s tail is very dry and damaged, especially over the dock. If this salve works as well as the other products, I’m certain I’ve found the solution! Next up, I’ll want to try the Fly Away bug repellent salve, the Muscle Soothe ointment and the pretty lip tint in Spearmint Lemongrass!

Check out The Herbal Horse website. There’s so much there, you’ll definitely find something amazing! And remember, you’ll get 10% off when you use the links in this post (and I’ll get some loyalty program points for future products – a win-win!).

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