Lund Saddlery Flash Bridle Review

Several months ago, Lund Saddlery sent me their Flash Bridle and Rubber Grip Reins. Now that I’ve been using it and abusing it for a bit, I’m ready to review it.

Review: Lund Saddlery Flash Bridle & Rubber Grip Reins
Size: Full size bridle, 57″ reins
Color: Australian Nut
Order from: Lund Saddlery
Price: $150 USD for the bridle, $66 USD for the reins
Star rating: 4.75 out of 5

Initially out of the box, the leather was pretty stiff. I was expecting that as I’d done some research on the Sedgwick leather and knew it would take some time to break in and soften. I followed Karen’s method of conditioning and breaking it in and it has worked like a charm!

I’ve used it on a number of horses and it has fit beautifully. (Other than the flash/noseband on Artie, who apparently has a very dainty little nose and I had to punch two extra holes for him!) I love the fancy white stitching and padded monocrown. The contoured poll is wonderful

The reins get their own special callout because they are awesome. I’ve ridden in rubber reins that are not grippy at all, and some that are too thick and chunky-feeling between my fingers when I ride. Not these! They are grippy and slim, so they are super comfortable and secure to ride in, though I can still slip the reins if needed. Even Trainer B said she really liked them compared to other rubber reins.

I used it in the Geneva CT a couple of weekends ago and it looked great! I love it. Overall, definitely an excellent value for the money, and I imagine this bridle will last me many, many years.

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