Show Outfitting

Olivia over at Hellomylivia recently posted about her show outfits and I liked the idea. I wanted to wait until after our horse trials so I could include my cross country gear as well.

Dressage & Stadium


  • Breeches: FITS Hannah fullseats in white. These were a gift (thanks, Mom and Dad!) as these are outside of my normal riding outfit budget. They’re not too terribly expensive but I’m cheap thrifty and prefer to go with more budget-friendly options.
  • Shirt: Ariat Sunstopper Show Shirt. Love this thing. It’s comfy, fits well and cool even when it’s hot. I also have an Equine Couture short sleeve one that I don’t like as well; it isn’t as fitted and the fabric in the back is actually pretty hot.
  • Jacket: Ovation Performance Competition Coat. I love this coat. The sleeves and body are long enough for me (#tallriderproblems) since I was able to track down a long length size. I like the gray collar and the tailoring through the body is great. It’s super lightweight and lined with mesh, so when I put it on during the hot-as-heck show in September, I was pleasantly surprised that I actually felt pretty comfortable in it.
  • Stock tie & pin (dressage only): Ovation pre-tied version. I don’t love it, but it worked for this season. Plain gold pin that I like because it’s simple.
  • Boots: Ariat Volant front zips. I love these boots. I wish they hadn’t dropped as far as they did because I like my tall boots tall. I can’t really find them in my size anymore since the style is discontinued. Very sad.
  • Miscellaneous: SSG gloves that I really don’t like. (I’d really like some new ones but I’m in self-imposed spending lockdown right now and anyway I don’t need them right now because #winteriscoming.) Ovation helmet. Would like a new one of those as well, that’s a little spiffier for shows. RWR No Knot Hair Net that I’m obsessed with – so easy to use, keeps all my thick unruly hair under control. Not sure what brand belt with a stirrup detail on the buckle. Noble Outfitters Peddies socks. No name crop for stadium.

Horse: Dressage

  • Saddle: County…something. Comfy, a little slippery, but fits him nicely.
  • Saddle pad: Horze Dressage pad with a little silver sparkly piping. Just a little bling, nothing crazy. I like the shape of it and it’s nice quality. The silver also matches the gray on my coat and the silver on his bridle. #priorities
  • Girth: Shaped dressage girth that I found in like new condition on consignment for $35 that would probably retail for $135. Super proud of that find especially since it’s a 36″ dressage girth which is just comical.
  • Bridle: Unknown brand flash with silver piping. Rubber reins.
  • Bit: Loose ring snaffle.

Horse: Stadium

  • Saddle: M. Toulouse prototype built for riders with long hip-to-knee length. Pretty proud of this find. It was brand new and it’s so pretty.
  • Saddle pad: White Horze pad without piping.
  • Girth: Long. Just kidding, sort of. I don’t know the brand but Stryder is so big around his girth, it’s like a 58″ or something like that.
  • Bridle: Lund Saddlery flash bridle and rubber reins. Love this thing.
  • Bit: D-ring snaffle with copper roller things. Just a little more than a loose ring snaffle to contain all the excitement about jumping.
  • Boots: Tekna open fronts and bell boots.

Cross Country


  • Breeches: Either my same white FITS if it’s a one-day or they’re clean enough, or Ovation Aqua-X fullseats in tan.
  • Shirt: Red FITS Sea Breeze sunshirt that I got on super sale. (Remember, I’m thrifty!) I love this shirt. So comfortable and cooling – the sides are made up of two layers of mesh instead of normal fabric so it’s still opaque but super breathable.
  • Vest: Charles Owen jL9. I bought this before I knew anything about vests and it has been very comfortable. However, I just learned/realized that it is BETA Level 2 and really I’d prefer to have a BETA Level 3 rated vest. Sigh.
  • Air vest (sometimes): When I can borrow one from a teammate, I do like wearing an air vest. I have ridden in a PointTwo and a Hit Air, and I think I’d eventually like my own Point Two. I need to do a separate post about why.
  • Boots & socks: Same as other phases.
  • Belt & gloves: Same as other phases.
  • Helmet: Same as other phases. One day I’d like a skull cap. Particularly the Charles Owen, which is safest helmet out there for XC.
  • Hairnet: I wore my regular hairnet at Sundance and I liked it a lot even though it’s not really necessary for cross country. But when I wear my hair in a ponytail or braid, it gets pulled loose really quickly by the air vest, which can be distracting.
  • Medical armband: Generic brand. I’d like a RideSafe bracelet, because my current armband likes to get loose and slide down my arm to my wrist. Super annoying.
  • Pinny: Ovation brand. Nothing to write home about. It’s a pinny.
  • Watch: A borrowed eventing watch. Need one of my own!
  • Crop: Jack’s racing bat. I borrowed one for our outing at Sundance but I found a red, white and black one that I’m in the processes of getting because they’re awesome.


  • Saddle: Same as stadium.
  • Saddle pad: Roma pad that is black with red and gray piping.
  • Girth: Same.
  • Bridle & bit: Same as stadium.
  • Boots: Red and black Woof boots that I found on eBay and ordered really cheap from England. Bell boots, too.

I really like what I’ve been able to put together over the last year or so. I still have some things to add to my collection but overall I have found good quality items that aren’t too terribly expensive.

What do you wear when it’s time to turn out for a show?

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