Review: M. Toulouse Unnamed Prototype Saddle

It has been nearly a year since I purchased my M. Toulouse saddle. I can’t believe that! And actually, when I went back and looked, I had posted about purchasing a saddle on 2/9/16 (which I sold later since it was too wide for the horses I’d be riding) and then posted about purchasing a saddle again on 2/10/17. Let’s not make this a yearly thing, ‘kay? My budget and sanity can’t handle it. (Although to be fair my budget for saddles has always been determined by how much I sold my previous one for.)

Anyway. Now that I’ve been riding in it and competed in it, I figured it was time for a review. It’s a little weird because this particular M. Toulouse isn’t actually one of their typical models. I found it on eBay listed by a tack shop, mentioning that it was a prototype model made for leggier riders. As a person who often rides with their knee hanging over the front of the flap, that sounded like a great fit for me. So I tried it, liked it and bought it.

From the night I tested it and decided it was MINE

Review: M. Toulouse Jump Saddle with Genesis Tree
Size: 17.5″ seat with adjustable tree system
Color: Um…dark brown with reddish undertones. It actually matches my Lund bridle really well, and that is Australian Nut.
Buy from: Well, it was one of three made so this is a tricky question. You can buy M. Toulouse saddles from almost any tack shop though.
Price: $1,395 on sale; $2,195 retail. It included matching 54″ calfskin leathers and fillis irons.
Star rating: 4.75 out of 5

I love this saddle. It met all my original criteria:

  • Wool panels (technically they are a combo of wool and foam, but they can be reflocked and fitted)
  • Front and back blocks – plus they’re on Velcro so I can customize the fit
  • Adjustable tree
  • Wide gullet/channel
  • Deeper seat

This particular model was built on the Jeninne model tree, and the flaps are longer and more forward to accommodate riders that are long from hip to knee. And my femurs are long, guys. So I quite like the flap situation.

It’s really comfortable and secure. The only reason I took 0.25 points off is because there is a lot of flap between me and the horse. I’ve gotten used to it, but I wouldn’t call it the closest of contacts. I’ve schooled cross country, jumped a ton, competed and gone trail riding in it, and loved it in every situation.


I also managed to misplace my adjusting tools, and contacted the manufacturer to see if I could purchase replacements. They got back to me right away and sent them to me free of charge. Now that’s incredible customer service.

I know not everyone likes an M. Toulouse, and in fact I had ridden in some before that put me in a chair seat. But this one, this one is mind. It’s my precious.

4 thoughts on “Review: M. Toulouse Unnamed Prototype Saddle

  1. I rode in a borrowed MT for about a year before I bought my own saddle and loved it! I mean, it was sized to fit a 5’2″ woman and I am more than half a foot taller, so clearly it was NOT my size, but despite that it was super comfortable. I hope you get to keep it for a while and don’t have to trade up every year!

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  2. I have a MT as well that I LOVE. I sat in 2. 1 put my in a chair seat and 1 I love. I feel so secure in it and don’t feel like I’m ever fighting the saddle. Everyone who sits in it says the same thing. I’m pretty convinced my friend would steal it if given the opportunity even though the seats a little small for her leg length. Despite that, it still puts everyone in a great position. Love that saddle!


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