Review: Kastel Denmark Sun Shirt

I have to admit, I’ve developed somewhat of an obsession with sun shirts since I got my first one – an EIS – last winter in Florida. I want all the sun shirts.

So, I might have gone a little crazy this spring when I found some on sale. I ordered three of them in one day. BUT. In my defense, they were all on such good sales, that I ended up spending less than what you could spend on one full price one.

My fellow adult-ammys out there know what I’m talking about. #justification

Kastel Denmark Charlotte Sun Shirt Review
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Review: Kastel Denmark Signature Charlotte Show Shirt
Order from: Kastel Denmark or eBay
Color: Gray with purple
Price: $75 full price; I found last year’s colors on eBay for $30 + shipping
Star rating: 5 out of 5

I cannot say how much I love this shirt. It is lighter material than the others I’ve looked at (EIS, Ariat) yet it’s cut in such a way that it is flattering and doesn’t cling. The sleeves are nice and long (hallelujah), which is very hard to find for me. The body is cut nice and long as well. I love my EIS shirt, but my main complaint about it is that it’s a touch too short in the body and arms. Not so with my sun shirt from Kastel Denmark.

Of course it has the mesh panels under the arms, which I love. I put this on for the first time after peeling off my sweaty show shirt, and it was very comfortable and cooling. I like the contrast collar and cuffs. The branding isn’t too obvious on the shirt I got; it’s a nice clean logo on one arm. Some of the colors look like it’s on the front where a breast pocket would be.

It’s not super see-through, either. I was pleasantly surprised by that, given the pale gray/almost white color.

The Kastel Denmark Charlotte Signature Sun Shirt has officially taken the top spot as my favorite riding shirt. It’s fabulous and worth the money.

P.S. The other two shirts that I mentioned at the beginning of this post came in the mail yesterday. I was very sad because the sleeves and body were several inches too short on both. It’s too bad because they seem like quality shirts! They are the Bette & Court Cool Elements shirts; they’re actually made for golfers but I had read several positive reviews from equestrians as well. (If you’re shorter than me and are interested in buying them, contact me! They were final sale closeouts, so I’m selling them for $30 apiece to try and get my money back out of them.)

I was not compensated in any way for this review. All opinions are my own.

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