Mental Health Day

Do you guys ever get to the barn and just feel like you need a mental health day?

Typically on Thursdays I’m able to get to the barn around 4 or so. For various reasons, last night I couldn’t get there until slightly after 6. Which isn’t terrible, but there were also lessons going on and the outdoor riding areas were closed (THANKS MOTHER NATURE FOR THAT LOVELY APRIL SNOW SHOWER). It’s also a big weekend for wedding planning details, so between coordinating that and working all day, I just wasn’t mentally in the game.

I knew that if I got on, a good ride would do me good, but that I probably would be quicker to get frustrated if it was a less-than-good ride. So I didn’t ride.

Instead, I spent over an hour just grooming Duke and snuggling him (and taking a bunch of pictures of him). It was exactly what I needed to do, and I think Duke enjoyed it, too. He’s such a ham. As we build our relationship I’m really enjoying seeing his personality come out more and more.

“Girl, I KNOW you’ve got a carrot.”

This weekend we get to go do some indoor cross country schooling at a show venue nearby. They dragged some of their XC jumps inside since they just got 6 inches of snow the other day. (I repeat: THANKS MOTHER NATURE.) I’m really looking forward to it!

And in conclusion, I leave you with this amazing video of Duke chewing on his Posture Prep Groomer. I thought he’d just grab it and then drop it but he just kept chewing on it until I literally had to take it from his mouth out of fear he’d actually try to ingest it. No curry combs were hurt in the making of this video. 

Do you ever take a mental health day from riding?

7 thoughts on “Mental Health Day

  1. This is so funny… I basically wrote the same post today. (except I tried to ride and ended up quitting basically right at the beginning). The great thing about horses is you’ll never regret the fight you don’t have. Indoor eventing gives you something to look forward to though!

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  2. Yes I do. Although since over the winter I am in 5 days a week training so my “days off” on Saturday and Sunday are not riding days anyway. But I still go to the barn and groom and hand graze. So it is a mental health day! I love your video!

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  3. I definitely should do more mental health days with my horses. I’ve come to realize that having 3 rideable horses may be a bit more than I can justifiably do right now, esp at the expense of just hanging out with any of the 4 (1 is retired). I’ve been making it a priority to take more time with all of them on the ground to work our relationships. I sound like I need a therapist, but they really do benefit from just being groomed and hanging out!

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