Plank Challenge Results

It happened.

For those who don’t remember, I accidentally challenged my dad to a Plank Challenge for the month of November. We each had a month to do a plank a day and then at the beginning of December, we’d do a Plank Off and see whose abs are the strongest. 

I somehow got talked into giving my dad a THIRTY SECOND handicap. I really regretted that when I started my planks and could only do it for like…35 seconds. 

However. I stuck with it. I did not plank every day but I tried to keep some semblance of a routine throughout the month. My personal best was 2:20, which I am very proud of!

So whose abs reigned supreme? Did I beat my dad by more than 30 seconds?

Actual footage from the Plank Challenge Showdown

YOU KNOW IT. Yep, I did. I won the Plank Challenge, and yes, I am now gloating about it on the internet.

What did I win besides the ability to hold this over my dad’s head forever? Well, at Christmas, the loser of the challenge (a.k.a. my dad, in case you forgot) has to be the one who goes out in the snow to build the ‘board’ for a game we play called Cut the Pie. It’s like tag in the snow, and you can only run on the pre-cut paths. ANYWAY. Setting up the paths is kind of a lot of work and you end up with lots of snow in your boots. So, what I won is…not doing that. Which is a pretty great prize.

In all seriousness, I do want to continue planking regularly. It has improved my core strength which is, you know, kind of important for riding. And I’d really like to hit that 2:30 mark. Maybe even (gasp!) three minutes. 

(P.S. Love you, Dad. Sorry for gloating on the Internet. Kind of.)

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