We had a very fun lesson last night with lots of tight turns, interesting jumps and shouts of “more leg!” 

And then, at the end, my lesson mate G and I swapped horses. Because why not?  It was a blast! G’s horse, The Chief – yes, The Chief – is super different than Duke. His bascule is much bigger and he needs help balancing in a different way than Duke. I also had to be stronger in my core and shoulder blades to balance myself over the jump and recover quickly on landing.

Aside: I just learned how to make GIFs from my phone videos. Can you tell? I think they’re more fun that uploading a lesson video where half the time I’m just cantering around getting to the next jump.

 It was really interesting to hop aboard and try him out, especially since it’s been awhile since I’ve ridden another horse. It helps highlight the areas where Duke has tricked me into riding a certain way that might not be exactly correct. 

G did great with Duke, of course! She was surprised by how much he could get behind the leg. (I should’ve given her my spurs!) 

Do you ever swap horses? Do you find it helpful, or just fun?

12 thoughts on “Swapsies

  1. I LOVE swapping horses!

    Except no one else at my barn likes to – which is why I think that some of the horses are a little stuck in their training to be honest. Never changing things up makes for a very dull horse I think. And one that gets very stuck in it’s ways – just like people.

    I let anyone and everyone that asks on my girl. What’s their to lose, really?


  2. I’ve always loved swapping horses! Personally I think you can learn so much from riding another horse, which is part of the reason why I was excited to lesson – get a chance to ride many different types. It looks like you had a blast switching ponies! You look great on both!


  3. I know I SHOULD swap more often to build experience…but I have an unhealthy attachment to my own horse haha. I love seeing other people enjoy my boy and figure him out, but I don’t really want to hop on anyone but the Frankenbean oops


  4. You guys look SO GOOD on such a twisty course!! I love to swap horses but we don’t do it much (strict hunter barn and all!) but I do sometimes lesson on the lesson horses which I love, and learn so much from!


    1. Thanks! It was really fun and tough in the best way. If you ever want to swap you should remind people about those equitation classes where the finalists have to swap horses. I think they do it at the Washington International Horse Show! 😉


  5. Oooh those jumps look so fun!! I kinda love the twisty turny indoor courses lol…. tho uh. Maybe not with my current horse HA, so bring on the swap!


  6. we used to swap all the time when I was in lessons as a kid it really A) made you have to think and B) sometimes appreciate your own horse that much better. I can remember as a kid being in an equitation class and having to swap horses….those were the days 🙂 glad you got to ride something different and he is so cool a horse but I don’t like not seeing you on a paint 🙂 HA! Congrats on making gifs with your phone. I am still trying 🙂


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