Bloghop: Favorites of 2018

I love this post idea from Amanda at The $900 Facebook Pony. It’s been a heck of a year and it’s a fun way to reflect on it.

Favorite Horse Show Picture

I debated between using this one and using a photo taken a few strides later as we jumped an up bank out of water. I picked this one because I love the way Duke is captured. He is absolutely attacking cross country and having a blast. I remember this moment so clearly and it felt like the culmination of our season.

Favorite Non-Show Picture

I just. I love everything about this photo.

Favorite Thing You Bought

Yeah, yeah, it’s not horse related SO SUE ME. My favorite thing we bought this year was a house. 

Favorite Moment on Horseback

This was the moment when I realized we’d reached our goal and qualified for the Area IV Championships. 

Favorite Moment Out of the Saddle

Finally finishing building that stupid Weldon’s Wall with our sheer determination and brute strength. On one of the hottest days of the summer.

I was thisclose to putting a wedding photo here but since it says “out of the saddle” I guess I’ll keep it horse-related. However, the wedding was definitely the best out-of-the-saddle day of the year. So here you go – bonus “favorite moment out of the saddle” photo.

Favorite “Between the Ears” Picture

We had some lovely hacks down the dirt road behind the barn this year. This one was just simply magical.

Favorite Horse Ridden (or Groomed/Cared For) Aside from Your Own

That would be Twix, the Irish mare I rode in Ireland. She was so fun and, I mean, riding in Ireland.

Favorite Funny Picture of Your Horse

His face just cracks me up every time I look at this picture. 

Favorite Fence or Movement You Conquered 

Hufflepuff forever!

That would be the entire stadium course at Catalpa Corner. It was Harry Potter themed and the jumps were stunningly beautiful and creative. See them all here.

Favorite Horse Meme

I love a good pun. And this meme has two.

Want to participate? The only rule is that each answer has to have a photo!

6 thoughts on “Bloghop: Favorites of 2018

    1. Thank you! You bet that water photo is framed at home! (Well, okay, I printed it and then found out I need a screwdriver to open the frame that I want to put it in, so the print is currently sitting on top of the frame on the table but IT COUNTS.)


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