The Itchiest Horse in the Land

Duke gets so intensely itchy during the winter. I think it’s because he’s blanketed and so he can’t roll/scratch as well. So, when the curry comb comes out, all bets are off. The more pokey the currycomb, the better. His favorite curry has these long nubs that have almost no give. He’s very itchy.

He just cracks me up. His nose twitches and he stretches out his neck as loooong as he can make it. And if I move the curry off a particularly itchy spot, he moves until I’m hitting just the right spot. 

It’s hilarious.

My name is Duke and I love itchy-scratchy time

His neck, shoulders and withers are particularly itchy. And his ears. One of his favorite things is to have the inside of his ears curried. It’s so weird and adorable. 

Does your horse have any funny grooming quirks?

13 thoughts on “The Itchiest Horse in the Land

  1. Amber is itchy. All the time. She knows when I’m done mucking because she will leave her food, walk out to me, and very gently bump me with her shoulder to let me know that she knows it’s scratch time. If there’s no food, she will follow me and thwart my mucking attempts in order to get scratches. If she’s feeling nervous? Scratches. If she’s having an off day? Scratches. If she’s happy? Scratches. The answer is always scratches. Unless there’s food. Then the answer is food. LOLOLOLOL Horses are so funny 😀


  2. Gem was never into any physical attention but now that she is retired she has made it her job to get scratches ALL THE TIME. Trying to bring another horse in? Shenwill come over and bump me with her nose and look at me all self righteously. If I scratch the wrong spot she moves until I hit where she wants. Very cute.


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