Workin’ it Out

In January, I embarked on a new plan to exercise regularly. The goal is to do at least 30 minutes daily, but I try not to beat myself up about it too much if I miss a day here and there. Overall, I’m really proud of myself! Since I’m not riding as much, I knew I wanted to have something else in my life to keep me (okay, fine, to GET ME TO BE) active and fit.

This screenshot from my Fitbit dashboard makes me so happy

I’m not a gym workout kind of person. Too much time commitment to go somewhere and workout. I prefer to do it at home. I like having an online program to follow, and I found one I really like, called Daily Burn. There is a library of videos and programs to follow, but my favorite is the daily class they do. It’s a live class, but I typically can’t follow live – I do it later on.

I like it because the workouts stay fresh and interesting, and it’s not the style of some workout videos where the instructors yell at you and are super intense. The instructors in the Daily Burn videos are a lot more mellow and encouraging. Totally fits my vibe.

Neon shoes and striped socks also fit my vibe

It’s been about seven weeks now and I feel stronger for sure! I am also happy that it’s keeping me in good shape for riding. I have had a couple of lessons where I really needed to engage my core and back, and I knew I had been working on strengthening those muscles. It was a nice confidence boost!

And, of course, being able to lift really heavy barrels!

What do you do to stay active out of the saddle?

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