Sometimes You Just Need a Gallop

I have been having a blast with The Chief. We have been doing mostly dressage rides and/or hacks. It’s been wonderful, and I have had some personal dressage riding breakthroughs that are super exciting!

But that’s not what this is about. Sometimes, a girl just needs to go for a good gallop. So, I went for the jump tack instead of the dressage saddle, and we headed into the field.

The Chief knew something was different and had his swagger on. I think he was slightly disappointed when we didn’t jump anything but we still had a great time. We did some timed trot sets with walks between, and then some canter/gallop sets.

The field was mowed for our trot/gallop sets but isn’t it the prettiest?

Is there anything better than galloping in an open field? (Okay, fine, galloping and jumping XC fences might be better BUT STILL.) We did work on adjustability within the gait and specifically practiced going up and down the gentle hills out there. He was super. Very responsive and adjustable.

Anyone else ever pick tufts of grass to aim for and practice adjusting to it and precision? Or is that just me? It was almost like being out on XC, and a good exercise in going from a springy, bouncy canter to a ground covering gallop and all the gears in between.

We were pretending we were doing this, not just aiming at grass tufts

I tried to snag a between the ears video during one gallop stretch but sadly it seems I had technical difficulties and it’s not in my camera roll. *sob*

The Chief and I both worked on our fitness yesterday. I had worked out prior to riding, including many squats, so my quads are screaming today. Totally worth it.

6 thoughts on “Sometimes You Just Need a Gallop

  1. I would LIVE a good gallop in a field. Biasini would too. We usually have a grass pathway that goes through the woods where we have a gallop. But recently there as been a log jump placed at one end of the pathway. It might as well be a fire breathing dragon as far a Biasini is concerned. He will NOT go anywhere near it. I will have to dismount and lead him up to it and then try to find somewhere to get back on. And then I suspect I will probably jump him over it before the summer is over!!


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