And We’re Back

Duke is officially done with bitless riding! We had a dressage lesson last night and it was fantastic. I felt really great about how I rode – not perfect but pretty solid – and I was able to make some small changes that really improved the connection. Duke feels super. He recently had a massage, … More And We’re Back

Idiot Epiphanies

You guys ever have the experience while riding, where you suddenly have this epiphany about something that feels totally earth-shattering and then you say it out loud and you’re like. Oh. Duh. That happened to me recently. Some background. Duke had kissing spine surgery a little over a year ago. We like to baby his … More Idiot Epiphanies

Back to Dressage-ing

Whoo-ee, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything. My black eye has faded, and I have since been on a heckuva fun trip that’ll get its own post later this week. Nothing like returning home from vacation with one week to spare before your first recognized horse trials. I had a dressage lesson … More Back to Dressage-ing