Spurs. I need them.

I had a fairly frustrating ride on Duke last night. We’ve been working on lateral movement as straightening aids – things like working turns on the forehand and leg yielding. Since he is a furry yak right now, I opted to do most of our work at the walk and some trot. Seriously, if I … More Spurs. I need them.

Do Less

I had a lesson on Stryder recently while his leaser, who usually rides in my lesson, was on vacation. (Lucky duck!) It turned out to be an enlightening lesson. I mean, they all are, but this one especially. I have become used to horses that require a more active ride, which means I don’t have … More Do Less

The Amazing Maisie

You are required to read the title of this post with this type of inflection: The a-MAAAAYYYY-zing MAY-sie. It’s just how it’s done. Who is The Amazing Masie? She is my trainer’s horse. She’s a grey Dutch Thoroughbred mare and she’s so adorable and fancy. A few weeks ago, I got a text from Trainer … More The Amazing Maisie

No-Stirrup November: Thoughts While Riding Without Stirrups

It’s November 1st. And while, to many, this signifies the beginning of the holiday season, equestrians know better. Forget “the most wonderful time of the year.” It’s really “the most painful time of the year.” This is No-Stirrup November. To celebrate, here’s a revisit of a classic post: Thoughts While Riding Without Stirrups. Cheers, and … More No-Stirrup November: Thoughts While Riding Without Stirrups