Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Saturday morning, I was outside getting ready to plant more vegetables in the garden when I heard my husband call my name from the house. I heard some loud crashing in the woods and thought, yup, here come the deer again.

My friends. It was not deer.

Two palomino horses came trotting out of the woods. Yup. Just days before I was having a pity party over not seeing a horse in two months, and just like that – two of them show up in my yard.

The owners appeared on the road on a 4-wheeler, I offered to help and they tossed me a lead rope. The two escapees disappeared into the neighbor’s woods, but after a few minutes they turned around and we caught them.

Turns out they were two retired geldings who’d broken out of their pasture just a few minutes walk from our house. The quickest way home was through another neighbor’s woods to the bike path, which connected right over to their place.

The actual cyclers and people walking their dogs were definitely surprised to see horses out for a stroll! Thankfully both ponies were unfazed by the bikes and dogs. The one I was leading spooked a little at a squirrel, of all things.

So that’s the story of how I ended up walking a horse down a bike path on Saturday morning.

9 thoughts on “Ask and Ye Shall Receive

  1. I WISH I HAD A PONY I WISH I HAD A PONY I WISH I HAD A PONY (Omg that was me at 10 years old) I would have died if not just one but two horses came up into my yard. hahahaha Dying laughing….


  2. haha this is great. Glad they are back safe! I hope you get to get back to riding soon! I once was driving and saw a lose, running, bridled horse. I stopped and caught the horse lol we eventually found its rider unharmed but breathless.


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