Who’s Going to Rolex?


I. Am. So. Excited. I have never been, but always wanted to go!

The way I decided to go is actually the cutest story ever. My BF and I were talking about a spring mini-vacation somewhere in the U.S. that we’d never been before. We tossed out Austin or Nashville. The other day, we were texting about said trip and I said that if we went to Austin, we should make a day trip to Waco to visit Magnolia Farms/market/bakery/silos/all things Chip and Joanna Gaines because, duh, Fixer Upper is the best HGTV show.

And BF said, and I quote: “Maybe we want to skip Austin/Nashville in exchange for Rolex?”

I already knew he was a keeper, guys, but damn. He is a keeper. I might’ve even gotten slightly teary-eyed while sitting at my desk at work. He literally just offered to make our vacation all about horses, because he knows how much I want to go. I think his new blog acronym is going to be BBFE for Best Boyfriend Ever.

Boyfriend is an excellent novice horse person
BBFE has also been to every one of my horse shows, and quickly learned to keep a water bottle in one pocket and a clean rag in the other.

So after talking it over a bit more, and me asking him several times if he was sure that he’d have fun, we decided to do it. Woo!

Who’s going to Rolex? Can we meet up please?

10 thoughts on “Who’s Going to Rolex?

  1. I am SO disappointed. I literally moved to Kentucky this year. I figured April 2017 was going to be my first Rolex … instead, it is the date of the tasting for my wedding. So disappointed. Hopefully I’ll be able to join in the fun in 2018!

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