Meet Husky

Meet Husky, my trusty steed. He’s a total champ! The only downside? He’s not actually mine. That being said, I’m so lucky to be able to ride him, take lessons and show him.Husky

Here are the top 10 reasons why Husky is so awesome.

  1. Look at him. He’s gorgeous. Duh.
  2. He’s super calm, almost all the time.
  3. And yet he can still turn on the engine a bit when I ask.
  4. He knows what kind of rider he has on his back. The little kids can ride him easily, and then I can jump on and we can get into a frame, jump over big stuff and have a blast. Gotta love a horse who likes kids.
  5. He’s so versatile. We’ve gotten pretty darn good at the long-and-low hunter frame, and yet he also recently took 2nd in a Dressage Suitability class…that also included a few actual dressage horses. He can lift his shoulders or take it down low while staying light and soft. It’s a pretty sweet feeling.
  6. He can jump pretty darn high, which is fun.
  7. He’s smart and willing to learn. Currently we’re learning flying lead changes/changing leads over jumps and he’s (slowly) picking it up.
  8. He’s trustworthy. Wherever we are, even if he’s distracted or feeling fresh, he’s not going throw a fit and buck me off.
  9. We clicked. Every rider does not necessarily jive with every horse, and it’s just more fun to ride a horse that you click with.
  10. He’s a sweetheart with a fun personality.

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