Post-shopping tack oiling extravaganza

The local tack store had a big sale this weekend for Valentine’s Day and I went to get a new pair of winter gloves because they were 50% off and my old ones are literally torn and very sad. I also needed some oil and supplies for my new saddle and Lund flash bridle (review to come after I’ve used it more and gotten it broken in!).

So I did get those things.


But when I walked in, I was greeted by two large racks marked 80% off. I think I tried on every single thing in my size. There was so much good stuff. EIS shirts. Tailored Sportsman shirts. Winter breeches. Winter coats. Vests. So. Many. Things.

In the end I was rational and bought three things outside of what I expressly went to get.

The black and green one is an EIS Cold Weather Gear top that is like the reverse of their cool shirts. It supposedly warms your body by about 5 degrees rather than cooling it. Also it’s cute. It was about $17.

The white one is a Tailored Sportsman cool shirt with dark green mesh and zipper. It’s super cute and comfy. It was $14.

I also got a Noble Outfitters layering crew. I already have a similar one, and the one I got is a cute berry color and was like $7 so how could I say no? (I could not.)

So, outside my 50% off gloves, I spent under $40 to get three nice new shirts. The most expensive single item I bought was Effax Leather Combi. Not bad!

Then I got home and went crazy with tack cleaning/oiling/conditioning. It was basically a great day of horsey stuff without actually going to the barn.

UPDATE: Oops again. I bought two Kastel Denmark shirts on sale after reading the latest on May as Well Event. They were only $35 each! And I love them a lot. So that’s that. I got a light turquoise polo with white collar, and a purple with white trim long sleeve sun shirt.

So now I’ve got a purple shirt coming in the mail…should I go with purple/black/white for my colors? My other finalist is red/white/black, because I do already have a saddle pad that would work. But then I’d need a new shirt…dang, must go shopping again 😉

Have you “accidentally” bought some really good deals recently?

16 thoughts on “Oops…

    1. They’re super cute! I’ll have to write a review after I wear it. This week is supposed to be incredibly, unseasonably warm, so I might wait until a colder day to truly test its capabilities. But I liked the summer version of the shirt – it was truly very cooling! – it just wasn’t long enough in the arms or body for me to be really comfortable in it. The warm shirt fits a bit better, for some reason.

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  1. I know that feeling of going in to a tack store to buy one thing and more $$$’s later I’m leaving. But, I FINALLY found half chaps that will fit my mongo calves (with a little bit of alteration that is – adding Velcro to top tab). But winter gloves were on sale and I couldn’t resist, especially since I have a tendency to loose one of the pair. So THREE pairs later……

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