Show Day at Crossroads Farm

Sunday was a schooling show at Crossroads and it was a great day! There were four of the equestrian team members showing (including me), and it was one of the other girls’ first show ever. Everyone did a great job. The other three girls were all showing in the same classes and did awesome, taking several firsts, seconds and thirds. It was a big show, so the classes were large and competition was good.

Husky was excellent in the warm up. He was so soft and light to my aids, really focused and tuned in. I was so happy! He has been a little distracted lately, and he was totally unfocused at our last show at Crossroads. He was very willing to take all the jumps and we had no refusals, which was so exciting. In the past he has always looked at the jumps and been a little leery. He was very confident today, and so was I.

We ended up taking second in our equitation over fences class, and then fifth in both of our hunter over fences classes. I was very happy with the second place, and okay with the fifths. He got all his leads in one class, but didn’t have as much forward energy as I’d have liked. I think he was getting tired since he had already been in eight classes with another one of the riders during the morning.

Our hunter under saddle class was flawless. It was possibly the best ride I have had on him, and certainly our best flat class ever. He was soft and forward, his head was long and low but he wasn’t too heavy on the forehand, and the impulsion was coming from behind. Our transitions were soft and quiet, he got his correct leads and was very consistent. I honestly thought we had the class – and normally I’m not quite that confident! We ended up fourth out of six. Normally I’m not too fussed about where we place, but I’ll be honest when I say I was really disappointed this time. There was literally nothing I could have asked Husky to do better. Not. One. Thing. Leanne met us as we came out of the ring and said it was a gorgeous ride, but that we were up against a tough class of “type-y” Thoroughbreds with floaty gaits, and that the judge barely even looked at Husky and me. Lame. But, what are you gonna do? I’m thrilled with our performance.

Check out some photos of the day:

We had a wonderful day and I am so proud of Husky and the whole team! Can’t wait for the next one!

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