Meet Duke

Remember that time I told you guys that this summer I would be riding a horse named Artie who was a jumper but we’d be trying out eventing together? Scratch that. In the past few weeks, I learned that I will instead be competing with a horse named Duke. We’re sticking with the paint horse theme … More Meet Duke

Do Less

I had a lesson on Stryder recently while his leaser, who usually rides in my lesson, was on vacation. (Lucky duck!) It turned out to be an enlightening lesson. I mean, they all are, but this one especially. I have become used to horses that require a more active ride, which means I don’t have … More Do Less

The Amazing Maisie

You are required to read the title of this post with this type of inflection: The a-MAAAAYYYY-zing MAY-sie. It’s just how it’s done. Who is The Amazing Masie? She is my trainer’s horse. She’s a grey Dutch Thoroughbred mare and she’s so adorable and fancy. A few weeks ago, I got a text from Trainer … More The Amazing Maisie

Feel Da Rhythm

Having a good canter rhythm is one of the most important things while jumping, right? So why does it sometimes feel like an epiphany to realize that fact? Like, duh. In my last lesson, Artie and I had great rhythm going. Steady and mostly forward, and right up to the base of the fence (except … More Feel Da Rhythm


In my last lesson, I jumped Artie. He’s super fun! He has that awesome “yes ma’am” attitude. As Trainer B put the jumps up she said it would be quite a bit higher than Artie is used to. I think that put it into my subconscious that we would be jumping “high.” And Artie was awesome! … More Perspective


I am a secret badass. It’s true. People do not look at me and think, dang, that girl is a badass. Probably they think the exact opposite. In fact, I once casually mentioned to a friend that I’m kind of a badass, and he laughed like, okay Lisa whatever you want to tell yourself. And I was like, … More #Badassitude

Delayed Onset Anxiety

So I fell off last week. It was fairly dramatic, yet also anti-climactic, and I wasn’t hurt. I was riding Prada, who, despite having already experienced several unplanned dismounts from, I still quite like riding. She’s fun and fancy when I stay on. Anyway. It was my first real jumping lesson after a long break from … More Delayed Onset Anxiety