I Love Horses, Deals, and Horse Deals

Dover Saddlery, SmartPak Equine, State Line Tack, et. al. are having great sales right now!

I ordered a whole bunch of stuff over the last couple of days. It started out innocently enough when I ordered some white Shapley’s touch-up and white grooming chalk. Show season is starting up – and our first show is scheduled for May 24-25.

Dover sent me an email about their 60% off deal on closeouts so of course I went to window-shop. Here is a very important tip if you are going to check out their sale: make sure that you click on the CLOSEOUTS section in the main navigation, or you won’t necessarily get the sale prices. I ordered some polo wraps that were $12.99 on sale, but if I just search for the same ones without looking at the closeouts area, they are $17.99.

I ended up putting a ridiculous amount of stuff in my cart and then whittled it down to the following:

Henri de Rivel Advantage Chafeless Girth
I’ve needed a new girth for a long time, because mine is just too big. I’ve been appalled at the price of leather girths, though. (Why I’m ever appalled at the price of horse-related things, I don’t know. They’re all expensive.) But I was happy with this one from the price and it seems pretty decent from the reviews. I don’t really need anything fancy, as long as it holds my saddle on and is comfortable for my horse.

Roma Ecole Star Quilt Pad

Leanne likes to tease me because all my gear is blue or green, and her colors for the show team are red and black. So, just for fun, I started looking for a red and black saddlepad. Do you know how difficult it is to find red and blackpad saddlepads? Hard. I found a grand total of two options, after looking on three different sites. One of them was purely custom-made so you could choose very specific colors for each part of the pad. It was also super expensive and would have taken forever to arrive. No, thanks. Luckily I found this saddle pad, which was almost exactly what I had in mind – black base with red trim. The silvery cord isn’t my favorite but it’s growing on me. If you need a cute and inexpensive pad, check this one out, because they have a ton of great color combinations. I also like that the underside isn’t white, which always looks filthy if you just look at it funny.

Centaur Fleece Polo Wraps
wrapsOf course, now that I had a flashy new red and black pad, I would need some polo wraps to go with! These were on sale and were pretty standard. Done and done. It appears today that they are out of red wraps, but they do still have a bunch of cute colors along with white and black. Reminder: make sure that you’re looking in the CLOSEOUTS section on Dover’s site! If you just do a search of the site for these wraps, they’ll show up as $17.99, but you can get the same exact thing for $12.99 in the closeouts section.

I had also been looking at a nice little stable sheet in red and black that I could use after giving Husky a bath the night before a show. Sadly they didn’t have his size in stock. I managed to resist a couple of pairs of breeches, too. But that night when I went out to the barn, I found that my black summer breeches are starting to get a little hole in the crotch seam and one of the knee patches is peeling off at the top.

So I did what any sane person would do: the next day I started shopping again. State Line Tack had some good stuff going on.

TuffRider Ladies Cotton Schoolers
breechesThese seem pretty basic – exactly what I need. They’re plain cotton, and they have elastic ankles, which I prefer. I find that Velcro at the ankles can get bulky and pinch my ankles inside my boots. I’m not sure about the same-fabric knee patches, though, since I’ve always had microsuede or similar. We shall see. I got them in hunter green because why not? I like the zipper pocket, and I hope my phone will fit in there. I also am a fan of how the seaming around the hips looks, at least in the photos. I’ll have to do an actual review when they arrive and I can ride in them a few times.

Tough-1 420 Denier Closed Front Stable Sheet
I sheetwas so excited to find a red and black sheet in Husky’s size – and for a great price! It was only $35. Hopefully it fits and works well for the night before shows! It should look very cute with the new red polo wraps. Plus, Leanne got the team halters for Christmas that are red and black with “Lakefield Farm Equestrian Team” embroidered on them. Now I’ll just have to eventually get a sleezy that’s black to complete the outfit. I don’t think I’ll go for a red sleezy after last summer, when Kimmie put hers on a white horse…and ended up with a pink horse in the morning. Oops.

Everything was super reasonable so I felt like I was getting some good stuff without overspending. In fact, I might be spoiled now. I may never purchase anything horse-related if it’s not on super-sale.

2 thoughts on “I Love Horses, Deals, and Horse Deals

  1. Hi!
    We are Happy Hooves Horse Apparel! I can see you like polo wraps! Well, we are soon going to be selling them! Check out our blog sometime. We will start selling this summer!
    And remember, every purchase has a 10% donation to an equine rescue facility.


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