Review: Do or Do Knot Rope Halter

I really like using rope halters for ground work and training. I find that they allow me to have a softer and more precise feel, particularly when there is no metal clasp under the chin. But the one thing I don’t like about them is tying them on, especially when it’s cold and I have thick gloves on, or if there are horses crowding around in the pasture, or…well, the list goes on. Tying on rope halters was a minor annoyance that I put up with in order to reap the benefits. Until now, that is!


Review: Do Or Do Knot Rope Halters
Ordered from:
Style: No Chin Ring Halter
Color: Turquoise (pictured)
Price: $22.00 (includes shipping)
Star Rating: 5 out of 5

The long story short is that I love my halter. The rope is great quality – very soft and flexible, which is important to me. While the rope is soft, it’s not too slippery so the knots feel secure. Rope halters that are too stiff or too slippery are no good – and this is the Goldilocks of rope halters: just right.

My favorite part about this halter is the crownpiece clasp, pictured above. No more tying! It’s very fast and easy to put on. My other favorite part about the halter is that it’s adjustable. You order a generic size (small, medium, large), and when it arrives, you can adjust the length of the crownpiece to fit your horse perfectly. This way, you don’t lose the adjustability-factor of tying a “regular” rope halter, but this way you can have the exact same fit every time. There is a great video from the Do Or Do Knot website on how to adjust the halters:

I’ve been using the halter for a few weeks now, and it seems very durable. It looks great, does its job and gets lots of compliments! I was hoping to take photos of Drifter sporting his new Do Or Do Not rope halter, but he’s not so good at standing for photo ops yet. He’s getting much better at standing, but not so good at posing yet. I may have to use Twinkle as my model instead!

For more information and to order Do Or Do Knot Rope Halters, visit and make sure to check out the different styles, colors and options.

And the awesome tagline doesn’t hurt: “Do Or Do Knot…there is no tie.”

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