The Handsomest Horse in the Land


Feel free to debate me on this point, but Drifter has become the handsomest horse in the world, as far as I’m concerned. He has shedded out into the rich gray-brown mocha-y color with dapples, and highlights in his mane and tail. Add in the dark points on his legs and face, the dorsal stripe, and – BAM – you’ve got one tall drink of grullo gorgeousness.

The proof:

He’s so funny. He can be super photogenic and hold still for like 30 full seconds (helpful when the light is a little dim and lots of photos are coming out slightly blurry). But then he’ll all of a sudden give me this look like he’s saying, “yeah, I’m aware of what you’re doing, and I think you’re kind of silly.” I managed to capture one of these looks in the last photo in the gallery. What can I say? He has the looks and the personality.

(Shoutout to my awesome lime green Do or Do Knot rope halter!)

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