26 Things for 26 Years

Today is my birthday! I have successfully completed one quarter of a century of life, and have begun the next quarter-century. (The first few hours have been pretty great. Here’s hoping the next 25 years follow suit!)

In the spirit of turning another year older, I’ve been thinking about all the things I’ve done so far in my life, and that lead me to this post: 26 things that I’ve done with horses, in honor of my 26th birthday.

1. Tried Roman riding.
2. Galloped my golden pony through the snow.

3. Participated in a re-enactment of the Pony Express and almost died (a story for another time).
4. Camped with horses in the Black Hills of South Dakota, the rolling plains of Wisconsin and the forests of Minnesota.
5. Gotten really good at picking manure off the cement aisle in one scoop.
6. Gotten really bad bareback butt.

7. Fallen off.
8. Gotten back on.
9. Showed Western Pleasure.
10. Showed in the hunter ring.
11. Became a Grand Champion.

12. Found the strength to put my horse’s needs above my own.
13. Learned to braid a mane three ways.
14. Rode a Paso Fino on the beach in Puerto Rico.

15. Gone barefoot and tandem. At the same time.
16. Quit riding.
17. Came back.
18. Jumped on live TV, on a horse I’d never ridden before.

19. Went swimming bareback.
20. Learned to throw a lariat (not well).
21. Joined an awesome show team.
22. Made some of the best friends ever (both human and non).

23. Rode in a four-person drill team over fences.
24. Rode a donkey up a mountain to a hidden waterfall in Dominican Republic.
25. Had a blast playing games at fun shows.

26. Loved.

8 thoughts on “26 Things for 26 Years

  1. Happy belated birthday!! This year I got to ride Paso Finos on a beach too [in Aruba!]. It was quite the adventure šŸ˜€


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