Book: ‘Basic Training of the Young Horse,’ by Reiner Klimke

Title: Basic Training of the Young Horse
Author: Reiner Klimke
Publisher: JA Allen (1st edition)
Date: 1985
Pages: 144
Topic: Training, young horses, dressage
Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5

My Take: This is a great overview of a method of training a young horse. Given that I am working with a 4-year-old who has had some training but not much, I wanted to read some things to help me with the long-view of the training plan. This is a fairly quick read, and has some good general points. It does not go into too much depth, but has a few suggested exercises later on in the book. It starts with a brief look at handling a foal and moves into starting horses at age 3 or 4. The main focus was on developing a calm, confident horse with good gaits. Overall, a good read with solid principles but I’m finding it doesn’t necessarily apply directly to my own work at this point.

Note: there is a more recent edition that includes comments from Ingrid Klimke, daughter of Reiner Klimke. That particular edition was not available from my local library.

One thought on “Book: ‘Basic Training of the Young Horse,’ by Reiner Klimke

  1. The book I loved when I was training my colt – a more birth-to-backing type aimed at producing a safe horse to be around and on top of – was Train Your Young Horse with Richard Maxwell. Worth a look for older horses as well, helps you teach them to deal with routine scary stuff like bathing, clipping, loading and injections.


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