Drifter’s Diary: Part II

photo (35)

Wow, it has been quite a good three months. I can’t believe I’m about to officially turn 5 years old! I’ve been learning a lot with my Person and we’ve gotten really good at some things. I am starting to fill out and look like a real adult horse instead of a baby.

These last few months, we have worked on:

  • Focus and staying attuned to my handler
  • Ground working on a circle, stepping under with my inside hind leg
  • Quickly responding to cues on the ground and under saddle
  • A consistent, forward walk under saddle
  • Bending and straightness
  • A steady working trot (I like to jog slowly instead)

We’ve also cantered a couple of times under saddle, which is kind of hard for me. I’ve started getting into a bit better shape but I’m still not terribly fit – that’s one thing that I guess we have to work on more so I don’t get so sweaty so easily. Then again, my winter coat is super fuzzy and thick, and the warmer weather this month has been really weird.

Good thing we have the rest of the winter to work on everything! In three more months, I bet I’m going to be a total pro.

Did you miss Part I? Read it here.
Stay tuned for Part III!

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