Photos: Summer Evening in the Field

A few weeks ago, my mom was in town and kindly came out to the barn to take photos during my riding lesson. I have found that I have plenty of show photos but hardly any of “regular” riding. It happened that we had a conditioning lesson planned so we popped over a couple of jumps at the beginning and then headed out to the field for trot- and canter-sets. It was fun and tiring for both Twinkle and me! But I love some of the photos that came out of it. The lighting was beautiful that evening and it was even warm enough that I didn’t have to wear a jacket.*

*Here along the shores of Lake Michigan, summer doesn’t really arrive until, like, August. That’s only a slight exaggeration. We’ve mostly had long-sleeves/jacket weather, with only a couple of weeks of t-shirt weather. I’ve worn my EIS sunshirt a total of twice. Today and tomorrow, for example, the high is 63 degrees. IT IS JULY.

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