Video: First Outdoor Jumping of 2016

Forgive the quality; it’s a zoomed-in screenshot of a video

We recently had our first outdoor jumping lesson of the year. Actually, it is the only real outdoor jumping we’ve been able to do because every other time we’re planning on riding outside, it rains. #WisconsinLife

Smaller heights to acclimate to the jumps that were just set up in the outdoor arena. Nice and easy, relaxed and with decent form. Though I wish my lower leg and hands were a little quieter. But overall, it just felt good. I think Drifter prefers the outdoor – and to be honest, after the winter, I do, too!

2 thoughts on “Video: First Outdoor Jumping of 2016

  1. Woooo! I’m always so happy when we finally get to start taking lessons (and jumping!) outside


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