Review: Tekna Fancy Stitched Open Front Jumping Boots

Old photo of a smaller jump. Still one of my faves.
Tekna boots in action.

This spring, I discovered a problem: Drifter has cannon bones like tree trunks. My old set of regular size jumping boots did not fit him. Nor did the set of used leather-and-fleece ones I tried on him. It was sort of comical to see normal “horse” size boots on him. He made them look like pony sized boots.

Now, I’m a big fan of finding horse things gently used off of Facebook groups like English Tack Trader or English Tack Exchange. So I went on the hunt for jumping boots.

I came across the Tekna Open Front boots and really liked what I saw. They looked like brown leather with pretty stitching, elastic straps, neoprene lining and Velcro closures. I didn’t know anything about Tekna so I did my research. They are actually synthetic material made to look like leather. Reviews said they looked and felt nice, and were hard to tell apart from leather, unlike some other synthetic products out there. So I went for it.


Review: Tekna Fancy Stitched Open Front Jumping Boots
Size: Large
Color: Brown Synthetic
Order from: Your favorite tack retailer, or used from a fellow horse person.
Price: New, $49.95 fronts; $46.95 hinds. I paid $74 for a set of four lightly used boots.
Star rating: 4.5 out of 5

I love them. They look pretty and have help up beautifully over a summer of good hard use. I agreed with the reviews that said they didn’t seem like your typical synthetic product. The best part? They just wipe down when I’m done and look like new. After a particularly muddy ride, I even took them in the wash stall and hosed them down. Boom, clean.

My only complaint is that the elastic straps are a bit too long. They could have shortened them up and made the Velcro section longer for a bit more adjustability. But I think I’ll be able to easily add a bit more Velcro to the strap and trim off the extra for a more custom fit. Now that show season is over, I will have a little more time on my hands for horse-related craft projects! (Including finishing up my homemade saddle cover that’s been 90% finished since May and sitting in a closet…)

Overall, I love my Tekna boots. They fit well, look great, hold up beautifully and – most importantly – have protected Drifter’s legs well. He has never had a problem with them rubbing, twisting or causing other problems. A great boot and a good price.

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