I am declaring a restart of 2017.

I made it, oh, less than a week into the new year and then things really started falling apart. It was too cold to ride so I hadn’t ridden since before Christmas (and still haven’t, wahh). I managed to do some healthy meal planning and got my goal tracking planner all set and then – I was called home because it became clear that my grandma’s illness was bringing her life to an end. I was gone from normal life for a week, spent a lot of time with family and dealt with a lot of hard stuff.

It was important to be there and I would not trade it for anything. But my goodness, I am glad to be back to regular old life.

My absence also really blew up my newly-forming routines. Thus, the do-over.

I’m taking two riding lessons this week since it has been a full month since I have been in the vicinity of a horse. I can’t wait to get out the barn! I have planned some healthy meals and my days for exercising this week. I’m going to pencil in blog post subjects for the next few weeks to keep me on track.

One thing I have succeeded in doing is unsubscribing from a crap ton of spam emails. That’s a metric crap ton, if you were wondering.

And now, because this is a horse blog (and you guys really don’t care about yet another goals-adjacent post) here is a video from the last time I rode – December 22nd, 2016. It was so fun! I wish I’d gotten a video of our last course, the jumps were up to 3′ I believe. But this is still fun.

Excuse some of the camera work, my willing videographer/lesson partner was sitting on her horse and he was not super into standing still. It was a great lesson and I have a partially-written recap sitting in my drafts. It’s about an imaginary magical exercise ball of energy. So get excited about that.

2 thoughts on “Reset

  1. The beauty of life is you can reset whenever you want! That cold snap had the whole country hiding indoors! So sorry about your grandmother. But so important to take time away and be there with loved ones in those hard moments.


  2. Sorry about your grandmother! It is so hard and coming back to ‘real life’ is such a refuge that you never thought it would be. You can have as many resets as you need. Glad you are getting to lesson this week!

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