Withers Up

I had a super awesome lesson last week. I mean, any lesson on Duke is a super awesome lesson by default. But on top of that, I felt I rode effectively and Duke was ready to party. … More Withers Up

Indoor XC Practice

Our last lesson of 2018 was a doozy in the best way. It was a sort of year-end celebration/day to mark the end of my lease on Duke. Trainer B put the jumps up and pulled out the scary skinny so we could do some XC-style practice in our indoor. We started out with something … More Indoor XC Practice


We had a very fun lesson last night with lots of tight turns, interesting jumps and shouts of “more leg!”  And then, at the end, my lesson mate G and I swapped horses. Because why not?  It was a blast! G’s horse, The Chief – yes, The Chief – is super different than Duke. His bascule is … More Swapsies


I am declaring a restart of 2017. I made it, oh, less than a week into the new year and then things really started falling apart. It was too cold to ride so I hadn’t ridden since before Christmas (and still haven’t, wahh). I managed to do some healthy meal planning and got my goal tracking … More Reset

The #1 Way to Be a Good Riding Student

This morning I read a post from Horse Listening (a great blog, you should definitely check it out!) that is called “Top 10 Ways to Be a Star (Horse Riding) Student.” Normally I find the articles on Horse Listening to be insightful and thought-provoking. However, I completely disagreed with much of this particular article. Obviously I did … More The #1 Way to Be a Good Riding Student