Rolex Stadium Photos

The last day of Rolex was so much fun. We got there nice and early to chat with the folks from Horses in the Morning and from Eventing Nation about our engagement the day before! It was really fun and kind of crazy. After that, we were able to wander through some of the museums and then stake our claim on decent bleacher seats. I liked being about halfway up the bleachers so we could see across the entire arena and had a clear view of most of the jumps.

Without further ado, some of my favorite shots from the final day of The Best Weekend All Year!

Phillip Dutton and I’m Sew Ready
Clear for Will Faudree and Pfun!
Big, proud smile from Jennifer McFall on High Times!
Jessica Phoenix and Pavarotti – one of my favorite pairs over my favorite fence!
Boyd Martin and Cracker Jack
Love this moment between Phillip Dutton and Mr. Medicott
Hannah Sue Burnett and Under Suspection over the Rolex Grand Slam fence
Triumph for Hannah Sue Burnett and Under Suspection! One of my favorite photos from the weekend!  
Zara Tindall and High Kingdom on their way to third place
Golly, he’s so tall. Maxime Livio and Qalao Des Mers
Winner winner! Michael Jung and Fischerrocana FST celebrate!

It really was the best weekend ever. Can’t wait for next year!

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