Still Here.

Oh, hey there. I’m still here. Still riding. Still wedding planning. Still working. There’s so. much. going. on. All good though. Because my brain is too full, here’s just a list of unrelated things that are happening.

Duke is amazing (per usual)

Seriously. I learned a new trick in lessons. Actually it’s just good riding but it feels like a trick because it is so helpful. It’s called “Deep Elbows.” If I stop and think about what “deep elbows” actually means, like, who knows? But when riding, if I think “deep elbows” or my trainer says it aloud, it just fixes a lot of things. Like posture, having a strong back, having quiet but following hands, and helping with throughness while allowing forward energy.

We have made some major progress in the last few weeks, both in my riding and his way of going. Amazing how those two things are connected right?

It got really freaking hot

Let me start this by saying I’m not complaining because no joke it was snowing 8 inches here 6 weeks ago. It became abnormally hot over Memorial Day weekend – like, 95 and humid. Us poor Northerners were not prepared for this. Usually we get a few weeks of incrementally warmer temperatures so we can acclimate. Not this year. It was lovely to have a summery weekend when Memorial Day around here tends to be like, 55 degrees and rainy. I rode some but kept things short so I didn’t die of heat stroke. That is only partially a joke.

#ToitNups is nearly upon us

Counting down the days! I’m very excited. The wedding is taking up so much of my mental capacity at the moment. Sometimes I’m super relaxed as if there’s not much left to do. Sometimes I’m certain we will never be ready in time. In reality, it’s probably somewhere in between and the intervening days will be busy but not overwhelming (hopefully).

Work got super busy

Like, super busy. Perhaps the busiest I have ever been. The last month has been crazy. I am working on a bunch of projects that I enjoy, which is great. But I sort of wish this had happened, you know, any other time besides the six weeks leading up to my wedding. Oh well, I’m just putting my time management and organizational skills to good use. I love some good organizational spreadsheets.

I got hit by a bike

I’m fine. I was walking down the sidewalk when a biker caught my in the side with his handlebars. I was so shocked I started to apologize to him and then stopped myself because HE HIT ME. I was too shocked to do anything about it. He just biked away. By the time I gathered myself enough to think that I should stop him or at least like yell something in his general direction, he was gone. I have quite the bruise/scrape combo but it seems to be healing.

Horse trials are coming up

On the other side of my wedding is a summer full of horse trials! Woo! I’m so excited to get back out there. I feel that Duke and I have made some pretty significant progress over the last six months and I can’t wait to get out there and compete. And go cross country.

Sometime in the next few weeks I plan on getting back to blogging regularly. I just need to free up some extra space in my brain first!

3 thoughts on “Still Here.

  1. holy cow that is a lot of stuff happening! I thought my life was crazy with moving!! 🙂 I am glad you are okay (stupid bike)! I knew you were still around cause i stalk (I mean FOLLOW) you on instagram. Cant wait to see wedding photos:) Enjoy !

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