A New Woman

I got married! So, while technically I’m not a ‘new’ woman – still the same crazy horse girl over here – I do have a new name and a new husband. Pretty freaking great.

The day was perfect. Everything came together beautifully and we were surrounded by family and friends. We said our vows, ate cake, took 1,000,000 photos, toasted, and tore up the dance floor. It was the actual greatest.

And then we took off for two weeks in Ireland, where we did all of the things – including a day where I got to go cross country on an Irish mare! But you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to hear about that. Today I’m basking in the glow of remembering my beautiful, wonderful, best wedding ever.

All photos are by Lauren Rae Photography. She is seriously the best wedding photographer and we can’t thank her enough for being part of our day. Also, if you happen to be in search of a wedding photographer, she travels all over for weddings. Just saying. 

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